About Bundypedia

Bundaberg Regional Council is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance over 1.7 Billion dollars worth of assets, including roads, drainage, water & wastewater infrastructure, parks, buildings & waste management facilities. To effectively manage these assets, Council needs to know a lot about them, including; where they are, what condition they are in, when they will need to be replaced, how much they will cost to replace & maintain, etc, etc.

Council manages these assets, but the true owners of these assets are the ratepayers & residents of the Bundaberg Region. This site - an initiative of Council's Assets Section - is an attempt to make as much of the asset information already available to Council staff also available to its true owners.

It is hoped that the site will become a good resource for the people of Bundaberg Regional Council, that it will make some of Councils internal workings a bit more transparent, and through the various feedback mechanisms associated with the site, help Council become a better more customer focused organisation, but remember this is this is your site not Council's site, so please feel free to join the site and contribute any information that you think might be of interest to other residents.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site please contact me at ua.vog.dlq.grebadnub|eenyaw#ua.vog.dlq.grebadnub|eenyaw or moc.liamg|riafnekrad#moc.liamg|riafnekrad

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