Boreham Park

Boreham Park is located at 43 Avenell Street, Avenell Heights. The park is also sometimes known as "Monorail Park" because of the pedal-car monorail.

Locality Plan

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Additional photos of the park are more than welcome, especially any that show the current condition of assets within the park or features of the park that may be of interest to prospective users. To add a photo simply join the site, and then click on the grey "files" button that appears below to logged in users.

Boreham_Park1.jpg Boreham_Park2.jpg Boreham_Park3.jpg Boreham_Park_Shelter_Shed2.jpg Boreham_Park_Shelter_Shed.jpg Boreham_Park_Slide.jpg
Boreham_Park_Toilets.jpg Boreham_Shelter_Shed3.jpg
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